Friday, January 14, 2011

Working with a Professional Designer


It’s sad but true- cutting corners by deciding not to work with a professional interior decorator can often cost you more time and money in the long run.  Today, more and more homeowners are enlisting the services of interior decorator and designers.
Because custom designs are so popular, professional decorators know how to work with your budget, your lifestyle and your design vision in mind.
If you are considering using a decorator, there are some basic guidelines you should follow before your project actually begins:

·      Take a tour of your home with the decorator so you both can determine the size of the project.
·      Discuss your family’s lifestyle with your decorator.  How do you want your house to feel? How do you entertain?  Do you have kids and pets in your household?
·      It’s wise to set a realistic timetable for completion, especially with a large project.
·      Establish your decorating priorities.  Which rooms are the most important for you to complete?
·      Determining a budget and sharing it with your decorator is essential.  If you have never decorated before, or have not done so in many years, they can easily give you guidelines to help you determine a budget.
·      This will enable your decorator to find the custom products that best suit your needs.
·      Finally, let your decorator know at the beginning of your project if you have certain items that you want to keep and work around or have any other special requests.

Considering these basic guidelines will allow your decorator to work with you to design a project with your wishes, your lifestyle and your budget in mind, saving you from costly errors and resulting in a room you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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