Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mother Nature Strikes Again - Literally

What a crazy week it has been already.  Hubby is in Miami for business, and I am home with two sick kiddos.  I guess its Murphy’s Law—they seem to get sick every time I am home alone.
But I am not letting that keep me down – no ma’am. In fact, I realized how much more productive I can be when home alone.  I have to keep myself busy, otherwise it feels awfully lonely in this big ‘ole house.

Not to mention, we had a huge thunder and lighting storm that caused a power surge in the upstairs bathroom.  The kids and I were in the kitchen having dinner, when I heard a huge crash.  Immediately, the smoke alarms triggered.  I thought surely the painfully ear-piercing sound would send the children into frenzy.  They were surprisingly calm.

I was certain the house was hit by lightning (I was right), and immediately tried to gather my senses and stay calm for the kids.  I looked upstairs, and glanced outside for any signs of smoke, but I couldn’t see anything.  I noticed the upstairs smelled like something was burning.  I didn’t waste any more time, and immediately called 911 to send the fire department.

It appears the lightning struck somewhere on the roof.  We are so fortunate the house did not catch fire.  A nearby neighborhood was struck with a bolt of lightning that burned down the entire movie set of the Alamo, in addition to starting a fire that spread 200 acres.  It is devastating the destruction we have had from wildfires the last few weeks.  My heart goes out to the local families and businesses affected by the recent disasters.

Here is the picture of the bathroom, post-storm.  Sorry for the dark picture but, there were no lights after the blowout. There was some minor damage, but overall, nothing major.  Needless to say, it could have been much worse.
I see more painting in my near future. Any suggestions?  This bathroom is screaming for some color.  While I am at it, I will certainly change the hideous builder-globe.  Yuck!
On a lighter note, my shipment of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint arrived last week, and I have been dying to start experimenting.  I chose Country Grey, and the standby, Old White.

Here is a sneak peak of the piece of furniture that I will be repainting.
Stay tuned for the transformation.  I have a set of these Pottery Barn pieces that I (over) paid for a couple years ago.  And they have been darkening up my guest room ever since.  I can't wait to make them over, and share pictures of my new guest room/work space.

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