Saturday, February 4, 2012

Furniture Spotlight

I think am in love.... My husband introduced me to a new furniture collection.  I am salivating.

The New Traditionalists have nailed it.  This collection is the perfect blend of classic and traditional, with a modern twist.  Many pieces have a Hollywood Regency feel, but with contemporary colors and finishes.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces.

I don't know one man who wouldn't die to have this couch in his office or study.  It's sleek and masculine, but with impeccable tailoring.  And it happens to combine some feminine characteristics as well - gently sloping arms, and classic curved arm rests. This is the perfect marriage of his/hers couch.

And check out this credenza?! Isn't it totally gorge? Ooooohhhh la la

And this has to be my favorite.  Look at this baby changer! How chic. I love the lipstick red drawers. That is one lucky baby, I tell ya.

I hi-lighted just a few of my faves, but I recommend looking at the entire collection because all of it is amazing, and hand- crafted in the USA.  

Hope you enjoy! 

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